Future museum aims to restore Bulgarian values

There is a plan for the foundation of a new museum, which shall preserve and restore significant objects with high cultural and historical value.
The initiative is truly praiseworthy because in this way the museum would not only preserve our heritage, but also contribute to its development and popularization.
The idea is the museum to be a host of a chain process for identification, restoration, preservation and exhibition of important values. The first stage is already in progress – to attract specialists – archeologists and other, who would help for the ambitious project. The author of the project is a Bulgarian foundation called Mizia and its founder – Svetlyo
Kantardzhiev, who is already seeking and exploring new talents – artists and culturologists.
The idea about the museum was prompted mainly by the desire to preserve the Bulgarian national traits in all its shapes and forms. By the restoration of various works for example, native traditions may be strengthened. This glimpse back in time is actually a significant step forward in the cultural evolution of our nation, local cultural anthropologist sproudly explain.
Moreover, the recruitment of new talents in the arts enables Bulgarian artistry to develop and expand its borders. The main “source” of talents is the National Art Academy, a hotbed of talent. They are given the opportunity to develop not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad.
Bulletins, magazines, catalogs, calendars and other will be issued besides the exhibitions to support the conservation of our cultural heritage.
Therefore it is no coincidence that it is said that this museum will not only restore the values – it will restore the Bulgarian culture and nativity!

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