Mizia Foundation – saving Bulgarian cultural values

Bulgaria Bulgaria – my homeland is the best place you can visit if you want to find a balance between beautiful nature – beaches and mountains, historical sites and rich rural culture. Well, we’re still not as good as we should on the infrastructure, but I believe we would really be a gem for tourists, only If we realize it and make some little corrections, so that we can advertise ourselves this way, not only by tourism for pleasure (beaching, skiing etc.).

We’ve got hundreds of tourist sites – both natural, historical places where famous battles took place for instance, a lot of cultural reserves and so on. The bad thing is we’re not responsible enough to preserve these sites for the future generations and for the tourists. Big part of Bulgarians doesn’t realize the true beauty of these places and do not cherish them at all. And that is part of the reason why we’re not so popular destination, and why most tourists come only for the beach or the skis, while we have so much more to show.

And now to say a word about Mizia Foundation – I have a friend that volunteers there and he gave me some insights about the organization. It was found by the politologist and publisher Svetoslav Kantardjiev, who didn’t like the  tendency I described above too, and wanted to do something about it. Today the foundation is working on a multitude of projects and sites, trying to save, preserve and show in the light some important objects, monuments and buildings, part of our thousand-year old legacy from our ancestors.

Very few are the people these days, which truly have values and don’t simulate them. You can distinguish them by that – if you truly cherish something, you won’t be reconciled with it being destroyed, but will try whatever you can to save it.

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